We cannot believe how incredible the sea conditions have been lately! We’re still experiencing little-to-no wind, smooth sailing and impeccable visibility. Every one of these factors is essential for spotting and observing wildlife. On our morning trip, we encountered 1 Inshore Bottlenose Dolphin, ~300 Common Dolphins and a pair of Minke Whales! In addition to getting some phenomenal looks at both Minke Whales, we also found one of the most boat-friendly Mola Molas (Ocean Sunfish) we have ever seen! To our surprise, we were lucky enough to get a full drive-by around the entire boat to see the largest bony fish on the planet, up-close and personal.

A trio of Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins escorted us out of the surf-line this afternoon and Common Dolphins ended up stealing every bit of our attention offshore! We found~550 Common Dolphins on our second trip and were thrilled to see so many babies, bow-riders and acrobats! We can’t wait to get back on the water for another great day. Until tomorrow, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

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