Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Today was an epic day for spotting whales and dolphins! During our morning trip, we encountered a beautiful, young Humpback whale that exhibited its tail fluke; The iconic shot all guest want to see. Then out in the distance, a large columnar spout caught our eye, indicating it was a Blue whale! Shortly after that, we had a wonderful encounter with a medium size pod of Common dolphins!

On our second trip, we had a phenomenal sighting with a very friendly, curious Minke whale. This is very VERY rare! We got mugged several times as the whale circled us for about 20 min! As we ventured towards Mission Bay we spotted a gigantic pod of Common dolphins! Roughly about 800, almost a MEGA(1,000+) pod! They were acrobatic, following our boat, riding our bow, and at one point, stampeding all together at high speeds! Our entire crew and guests were cheering and ecstatic at witnessing this unique behavior!

It was a memorable day, with 3 species of baleen whale and 1 species of toothed whale!

Come out and join us for our next adventure here at San Diego Whale Watch!



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