Feeding Frenzy Friday!!! We enjoyed multiple sightings of Minke whales, Humpback whales, and Common dolphins! They were seen feeding out in deeper water on both trips. We could see birds diving into the water in one spot, and Common dolphins were seen chasing and corralling small schooling fish! Stampedes were sighted from time to time, where the dolphins would swim rapidly all at once. We observed many Minke whales out near all the activity, with a grand total of nine for the day! An individual Minke whale with an interesting formation on it’s back was sighted. It also displayed unique behavior as it would pop up near us and then log just below the surface. Longer than normal dive times of >10-min were noted. The juvenile Humpback whale that we’ve seen multiple times over the last couple weeks was sighted near all the action. It followed the Common dolphin pods as they chased bait. The juvenile Humpback was pretty surface active too! Overall, the day was pretty epic!

Everyday on the water is always different, come join us for an awesome time!

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