Tuesday, July 16, 2019

We enjoyed a great time on the Pacific Ocean! We encountered a humpback whale, Common dolphins, and Offshore Bottlenose dolphins on our trips today! During the morning, we encountered several small pods of Common dolphins that totalled to ~100! We found the same juvenile Humpback we have been sighting over the last three weeks. It was initially following the dolphins, but then peeled off to the SW. It seemed to fall into a nice travel mode, but out of nowhere it breached out of the water, right next to our boat! We observed it tail-lob a couple times too! We said our goodbyes as it showed its flukes one last time!

During the afternoon, we got to the drop-off and located an awesome pod of ~30 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins! They were sighted almost 12-miles from Mission Bay. We sighted mini spouts and splashes toward the horizon. They began to porpoise out of the water and were very fun to watch! They playfully hung out right next to our boat. Even after we started to take off, they followed us for quite some time. They bow-rode the boat and surfed in our wake! On our way home, we sighted more Offshore Bottlenose dolphins toward the SE and Common dolphins in the distance.

Join us for an awesome time on the water! We never know what we will find!


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