We saw BLUE today! If you thought the Blue Whales were gone, think again! We spotted one Blue Whale and countless Common Dolphins throughout our morning trip. We were shocked to find a northbound traveling Blue Whale off the tip of Point Loma and followed it in its travels. The whale popped up precariously close to a Navy Ship, but the Navy called us on the radio to let us know they were aware of the animal and they even left the area for us! Our Blue Whale sighting was sandwiched between pod after pod of Common Dolphins! As we have for the last month, we counted numerous small babies and were happy to see eager bow-riders at the front of our boat. That’s it for today, whale watchers. We’ll see you all tomorrow morning!

Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!


Photo by Domenic Biagini from earlier this summer of a different Blue Whale near a Navy ship. Today’s whale was right next to the ship!

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