It was an amazing day on the water!! We had an epic encounter with a Blue whale that was super boat friendly! We sighted Common dolphins all day long, giving us a total of ~275 in all. We encountered a small pod of Risso’s dolphins and a few Inshore Bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon! During the morning, we sighted a fun pod of Common dolphins that came over to check us out! They were all around us, swimming toward the west. Plenty of cow/calf pairs were observed playfully leaping out of the water. The highlight of the trip was a very friendly Blue whale that was sighted by one of our passengers! We watched it surface for numerous breaths before it went for a shallow dive. To our surprise, it swam right underneath our boat, only 10-ft down below us! We could see its beautiful blue glow outlining its massive body! Not only did it cross over once, but TWICE! It was seen traveling right beneath our feet! Our hearts were pounding with excitement!

During the afternoon, we enjoyed another great trip, with three species of toothed whale sighted! We encountered a pod of Risso’s dolphins that were traveling to the SW. They went on mini dives and popped back up, close to the boat! We noticed they were watching us as we could see their eyes pop up above the water surface. We continued to the NW and located a fun pod of Common dolphins! They were leaping out of the water, while breaching, and porpoising! They zoomed over to our boat and bow-rode and surfed in our wake! We searched out to 9-miles from shore and to 2400-ft of water but no baleen whales were sighted. On our way in, we found a few Inshore Bottlenose dolphins that came over to bow-ride and surf in our wake!

Trash/Recyclables: ZERO!

Join us for an awesome adventure on the Privateer soon before the summer is up!

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