Our day was filled with rarities! On each of our two trips today, we spotted a rare treat for San Diego whale watchers. On the morning trip, a BRYDE’S WHALE circled our boat, swam upside down and blew bubbles beside us in one of the best Bryde’s encounters we have ever had! Not a single one of our crew members has been lucky enough to see a Bryde’s Whale so closely until this morning. On our way back from observing the boat-friendly whale, we found a fun and energetic pod of ~50 Common Dolphins!

Our afternoon passengers found Risso’s Dolphins with us!! A pod of ~20 Risso’s swam beside us, surrounding one cow-calf pair of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins! One of the Risso’s began to breach beside the boat and show off the entire length of it’s body! If the sightings we’re coming home with aren’t great enough, the weather has been incredible. We’re expecting smooth seas and clear skies for another few days at least! See you on the water, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

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