Sunday Funday! Today was filled with unique sightings! On our first trip, we saw Bubbles, our famous Blue whale who blows bubbles as she goes into a deep dive. She popped up right next to us giving us a close encounter. As we headed towards Mission Bay, we were surprised to find another popular cetacean, Patches; the leucitic Offshore Bottlenose dolphin! It was an incredible pod of about ~50 dolphins that were extremely interactive with our vessel.

In the afternoon, although it took some diligent searching, we came across a small pod of long beaked Common dolphins which lead us to find a huge pod of about ~600 short beaked Common dolphins! They were jumping left and right, doing aerial jumps as high as 12ft from the surface of the water. It was absolutely amazing and fun to watch such a large spread of active dolphins. 

july 21 patches 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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