Blue Monday! Our Blue whales are BACK! There has been PLENTY of food off the coast of  San Diego these last few days, and these mammoths are here to gorge! 
We had a very special, unique encounter this morning, as we spotted a pod (~15) of Pacific white sided dolphins! To find this species off our coast at this time of year is a rarity! They were in hunting mode with California Sea Lions as birds hovered above plunging down towards the surface of the water to catch fish. Within moments of this encounter, we got a report there was a Blue whale further out west! We immediately headed to the coordinates and found our beautiful blue! Our guest had several close looks at this giant baleen whale before we had to turn back to shore. They were quite ecstatic!
During our afternoon trip, once again we came across the pod of Pacific white sided dolphin! They were super energetic and very playful with our vessel. Their behavior was different compared to our morning encounter. These dolphins were riding our bow as our wildlife drone/photographer got amazing footage! We then decided to return to the area where we found our Blue whale. It took some time to search but we eventually found it and our passengers were extremely excited! As our luck continued,  we spotted another Blue whale, a famous one, Bubbles! We identified her by her individual markings. And she’s also notorious for blowing bubbles as she goes down for a deeper dive! SPECTACULAR DAY!

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