We’re sailing into the month of August with some extraordinary wildlife sightings under our belt! We cruised through ~500 Common Dolphins throughout a multitude of scattered feeding frenzies this morning and found even more along the way home! In the afternoon, an extensive amount of splashing was spotted ahead of the boat and we were sure there had to have been dolphin in the area..to our surprise, it turned out to be an ENORMOUS stretch of TUNA! Each school likely consisted of THOUSANDS of tuna and we observed as they preyed upon large quantities of anchovy. We couldn’t believe our eyes! Of course, we are a whale watching company and we spent the rest of our afternoon circling a boat-friendly pod of ~50 Common Dolphins. You NEVER know what the Pacific will have in store for you throughout a day on the water. Until next time, whale watchers!

common august 1 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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