What a day to be on the boat and searching for wildlife! Our entire day was filled to the brim with non-stop cetacean action. Our first trip of the day was saturated with toothed whales of two different species! TWO separate pods of Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins sandwiched around a single pod of Common Dolphins. Each pod of bottlenose amounted to ~30 individuals in total and ~100 Common Dolphins were seen. Both species were eager to interact with us and did not hesitate to show significant curiosity toward our boat!On the afternoon trip, we found a MEGAPOD of ~1,000 Common Dollphins steadily moving north along the 9-mile bank. A separate feeding frenzy of Common Dolphins, California Sea Lions and sea birds drew in (informally known as) “Twitch” the Humpback Whale! The juvenile whale traveled closely behind pods of dolphins and tail-lobbed FIVE TIMES while we observed it! We are so happy to continuously find this exuberant little humpback! That’s it for now, whale watchers. See you tomorrow!

DSC 0801 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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