The adventures continue on the Privateer! What an amazing day we had on both our tours!
On our morning trip, our guest got to see 2 different feeding frenzies with long beaked and short beaked Common dolphins! It was pretty fun and entertaining to watch as many of our guest had never seen anything like this before. Although we didn’t see any baleen whales, our luck changed for the afternoon trip!
We got double the fun this afternoon as we spotted 2 Humpback whales on our trip. One of these whales was our famous juvenile Twitch! These beauties were in the middle of a HUGE feeding frenzy with sea lions, Common dolphins and a variety of marine birds! At one point Twitch came very close to our vessel, with such curiosity! Our passengers loved it! We had some amazing looks at both of these humpbacks. it was definitely a stellar day on the Privateer!
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