Super Cetacean Saturday is back with three different species of toothed whales to rave about! We passed through three separate pods of Common Dolphins this morning, equating to ~250 dolphins in total! Instead of spreading over wide distances, each pod was densely packed together making it easy for us to track and observe them closely. They could be seen in all directions as they swam around the boat and surfed along with us.
We continued to spot multiple pods of Common Dolphins this afternoon until we counted up to ~200 commons overall. After passing through the final group of this much smaller dolphin species, we spotted a much larger type of toothed whale..Risso’s Dolphins! Roughly 25 boat-friendly Risso’s swam in echelon formation beside us and made numerous close passes at our bow. One individual breached TWICE and we were happy to spot a cow-calf pair including a very surface active baby! To our surprise, a single Offshore Bottlenose Dolphin was seen swimming with the Risso’s Dolphins and associating closely with them in what we like to call “inter-species mingling”. That makes THREE toothed whale species today!
Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

DSC 0207 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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