We only embarked on a single trip today but we made sure that it was undoubtedly well-spent! A pod of ~80 acrobatic Short-Beaked Common Dolphins caught our attention from miles away as they leaped nearly 15+ feet in the air. Those that weren’t launching into the air were bow-riding at the front of our boat or surfing along our sides. Shortly after leaving the dolphins behind, we spotted a cow-calf pair of Fin Whales! A massive female escorted a calf beside her and we were lucky enough to spend one long cycle of breaths with them. This is the first Fin Whale sighting we have enjoyed in quite some time on the Privateer! Luckily we have TWO trips tomorrow for another few chances to relocate them. See you on the water, whale watchers!

Trash/recyclables collected: 4 mylar balloons

DSC 0721 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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