Today is the day everyone..the day that KILLER WHALES came back to San Diego! We did not embark on our first trip of the day expecting to find Orcas..but we sure are ecstatic to share the news! THREE Killer Whales, including one mature male with a characteristically enormous dorsal fin, circled the San Diego coast this morning. We were fortunate enough to see all three of them but will never forget when the male pointed directly toward our boat, charged over to us curiously and swam right beside the vessel for a close pass. Common Dolphins were also spotted in the same general area, although we spent most of our time enjoying our rare treat.

By the time we got back offshore this afternoon, the Killer Whales had cleared the area but we found a cow-calf pair of Fin Whales instead! We watched as the female escorted the calf to the south and allowed us to slowly approach for some amazing looks. A spread of ~150 Common Dolphins were spotted on the way home and we enjoyed a smooth, calm ocean all day long! See, folks?! You TRULY never know what the ocean will have in store for you until you get out and join us! We will be on high alert for Killer Whales all week. Cheers!

Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

DSC 0201 3 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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