“ I can cross off seeing a whale breach from my bucket list!” That’s what many of our passengers said this morning! Wow, what an epic, memorable trip we had here at SDWW! We started by encountering small pods of Common dolphins but as we headed to the north, we hit the jackpot!

We encountered a large aggregation of marine birds from Western gulls, Brown Pelicans, Cormorants, Shearwaters and Phalaropes, when appeared offshore Bottlenose dolphins! What an amazing surprise! We had about 6-7 hang around our vessel and people watch. Then one of our passengers spotted a spout in the distance so we went to investigate! It turned out to be a breaching Humpback whale! As we approached, it spouted a few times, went for deeper dives before it finally gave an amazing BREACH!! Our guest went wild! Absolutely once in a lifetime for many of our passengers!

Come join us on another epic voyage on the Privateer!


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