Risso’s, commons, bottlenose, oh my! We hit the dolphin jackpot today with a variety of toothed whales! On the morning trip, we caught up with a small pod of 7-8 Risso’s Dolphins that exhibited boat-friendly behavior and court ship behaviors! They swam right beside us and showed us just how stunning they can be. In more shallow water, we found a pod of ~30 Common Dolphins!

In the afternoon, we found hundreds of Common Dolphins moving up the coast at a surprisingly quick pace! We let them pass and found some 20-30 acrobatic Common Dolphins on the way home. We were surprised to see no baleen whales today, as a Blue Whale was left near shore last night! At least we know they’re still in the area! Until next time, whale watchers.

rissos july 29 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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