There couldn’t be a better way to spend a holiday weekend than seeing acrobatic whales and dolphins! We embarked on two very successful trips today. In the morning, we observed a boat-friendly and acrobatic Humpback Whale! After watching it swim in a mellow manner for some time, the whale lunged forward, breached beside us and finished off with a drawn-out tail-lob. All at once, the acrobatics began and ended. After the tail-lob she/he completely settled down and swam calmly beside us. Not a single Common Dolphin was seen on the first trip (to our surprise). Instead, we found a lost bird that circled our boat searching for shelter. We decided to slow down briefly to allow it to perch on one of our railings. Fortunately for the little fellow, it hitch-hiked with us toward land.
The Common Dolphins returned to San Diego water this afternoon for a trip full of aerial acrobatics! Two pods of Short-Beaked Common Dolphins raced to our boat to surf with us and launched out of the water in all directions! We observed countless cow-calf pairs and active mating behavior. That’s it for today, everyone! See you on the water tomorrow!
Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

DSC 0239 | San Diego Whale Watch 1
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