It was a Tern, Tuna and dolphin kind of day! What a unique experience we had on the Privateer!
We first got mugged by a stealthy Minke whale off our bow! It then came up for a breath on our port side but quickly disappeared. As we continued west, we found a few scattered pods of dolphins in the distance. We encountered the larger pod which turned out to be the short beaked Common dolphins! Just after a few moments, we spotted some more splashing in the distance underneath an enormous aggregation of Terns! As we went to investigate, they were actually 100s of Yellow fin tuna feeding and hunting at the surface! It was absolutely spectacular, for most of the tuna seemed to be a year to two years of age! We then started to head back east towards Mission Bay and got lucky to encounter another huge pod of short beaked Common dolphins!
Another memorable day aboard the Privateer!
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