“Twitch” the Humpback Whale is BACK! It has been a long few weeks without our favorite summer humpback, but he/she is back off the San Diego coast following Long-Beaked Common Dolphins! This is typical behavior for the young, social whale and we were excited to see “Twitch” along with hundreds of Common Dolphins on both trips today! We passed through numerous pods of Long-Beaked and Short-Beaked Common Dolphins throughout the morning and afternoon, amounting to a total of ~600 dolphins today! The Humpback Whale exhibited very boat-friendly behavior throughout both trips and our morning passengers were the lucky group to have seen one nearly full-body breach. Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better Cetacean Saturday! We are crossing our fingers that “Twitch” and the dolphins are still around to be spotted tomorrow! Until then, whale watchers.
Trash/recyclables collected: 3 mylar balloons, 4 latex balloons

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