We enjoyed a great day on the water with exuberant Short-beaked Common dolphins sighted on both trips! During the morning, we set out to the west and found a pod of ~150 Common dolphins at the drop-off! They were very playful as they zoomed over to check us out! They bow-rode the Privateer as well as breached and porpoised beside us! We could hear their high-pitched whistles as they chatted near us. They were traveling pretty steadily to the north, up the coast.
During the afternoon, we decided to go southwest to the 9-mile bank. Once we got there, a pod of ~30 Common dolphins showed up out of nowhere! They were headed in the same direction as we were and they caught up to us! We observed their acrobatics as they launched out of the water, some creating some huge splashes! They seemed to enjoy bow-riding and surfing in our wake. At one point they disappeared on a mini dive but popped up beside us again. They almost took us to the MX-US border, but we turned around. A single Minke whale was sighted near the dolphins, but never re-surfaced around us again.
It was a beautiful day! We hope you join us for our next great trip on Thursday.
Trash/Recyclables: THREE Mylar balloons successfully retrieved!

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