We enjoyed a swell day out on the Pacific! We got lucky and found two awesome pods of Short-beaked Common dolphins beyond the drop-off. The first pod was cruising to the NW along the drop-off. We observed some great acrobatics throughout our time with them. Many leaped, porpoised, breached and launched out of the water! The waters were so glassy and clear that we could see many of the dolphins cruising subsurface beside our boat. Little calves were swimming next to their mothers and approached us! We searched for some baleen whales, but none were to be found. During the afternoon, the wind picked up significantly, making it very tricky to find wildlife. The seas will be calming throughout the week, so we hope you’ll join us soon!
Trash/Recyclables: EIGHT Mylar balloons successfully retrieved!

DSC 0941 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
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