It was a gorgeous day full of wildlife! We set out to the SW and encountered TWO Humpbacks, ~400 Long-beaked Common dolphins, ~20 California sea lions, and birds galore! They were all hanging out together milling around. We observed a juvenile Humpback whale and a large adult Humpback whale. The juvenile Humpback whale followed the Common dolphins everywhere they went. The large, approximately 50-ft Humpback whale was more curious. It even mugged us by approaching us and surfacing within 15-ft from us! We also heard it vocalizing almost everytime it came up for a breath! A slight trumpeting sound was produced (video). It surfaced for 3-4 breaths, and went down for 5-min dives, with flukes shown on every sounding dive. We had fun watching all the Common dolphins around us. They breached, porpoised and cruised beside throughout our entire visit. We observed calf/calf pairs too! We have increased chances to see Humpbacks during the Spring and Fall, so come on out to witness these majestic wild animals!
Trash/Recyclables: ONE Mylar balloon successfully retrieved!

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