Did we forget to mention that October is an AMAZING time to see Humpback Whales off San Diego?! We typically see a spike in humpback sightings in the spring and fall..boy, were they timely this year! TWO different Humpback Whales (NOT including our summer resident, “Twitch”) were spotted today! Over the morning trip, we found a massive adult humpback that swam closely beside us as it swam through active pods of Common Dolphins! THOUSANDS of Long-Beaked Common Dolphins had aggregated off San Diego this morning and we were lucky enough to see at least 1,000 nearby.
Not a single Common Dolphin was seen this afternoon, but they were replaced with a second Humpback Whale for the day! The first individual we observed throughout the morning had found an associate and they traveled toward the Mexican border side-by-side. BOTH whales mugged our boat and went underneath us TWICE!
If the wildlife wasn’t already incredible enough, we enjoyed everything with some of the best weather conditions we’ve experienced in weeks. NOW is the time to join us if Humpback Whales are your fancy! Until next time, whale watchers!
Trash/recyclables collected: Zero!

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