The first of the month brought us one of the MOST memorable sightings of the YEAR!

As usual, the San Diego coastline had epic conditions for whale watching this morning. We ventured down to the south in hopes of encountering both toothed and baleen whales. It didn’t take long to see our first spout in the distance, on the horizon. Soon 1 spout turned into multiple spouts! Right before our eyes, we could see bodies emerging from the water as these giants went on a sound dive! Boy did we hit the jackpot, encountering 6 Humpback whales, 200 Common dolphins and a few California sea lions all in the same area! The humpbacks breached, pectoral slapped, lunged and even came over next to our vessel, head on! At one point, 4 of them were swimming right next to our vessel for a period of time! This encounter was like no other.





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