THREE more Humpback Whales were spotted off San Diego this morning! The ocean was full of life and food was clearly plentiful. We observed flocks of shearwaters hovering above an active pod of ~12 Pacific White-Sided Dolphins and half a dozen California Sea Lions. All mammals were following the food, which appeared to be tiny bait fish. Zig-zagging through hunting behavior of the smaller mammals were three humpbacks, that periodically passed our vessel and swooped through the bait. We did not see any surface feeding but we sure did smell some rank humpback breath! This is not exclusively dubbed as a sign of feeding, but it is definitely a good indication. We thought the southbound movements of our Humpback Whales from yesterday was the sad sign of an ending humpback season, but they are STILL HERE finding food! Our fingers are crossed for the next departure on Thursday. Until then, whale watchers!
Trash/recyclables collected: 1 mylar balloon

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