CALLING ALL WHALE WATCHERS! Now is the time to get on a boat! We have increased chances of seeing Humpbacks as they migrate South and today was our fifth day in a row of sighting them! Read more about our encounter:
Super Cetacean Sunday is here again! Boy did we find the jackpot of wildlife! We set out to the SW and once we were 12 miles from Mission Bay we sighted multiple spouts and splashes from a huge pod of ~300 Common dolphins! There were plenty of birds and California sea lions all around! We observed non-stop activity during our visit! The Common dolphins were the first to come check us out. They raced to the bow and surfed in our wake! We observed some cool porpoising and breaching behaviors as well! The SEVEN Humpbacks stole our hearts, as we observed a wide variety of surface active behaviors! We observed head lunges, pectoral flipper slaps, tail slaps/lobs, barrel rolling, lunge feeding and interactions with each other and the dolphins! One lucky passenger even sighted a breach from one of the Humpback whales! We always hope to see one of those behaviors on any given tour, but today was exceptionally special. We hope you can join us ASAP to witness these majestic wild animals!
Trash/Recyclable: ZERO!!!

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