We traveled 13-miles out to find an amazing sighting of a curious juvenile Humpback whale, and ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins! The whale went under the boat several times and we could see its distinctive white pectoral flippers spread out beside it. The white coloration underwater appeared turquoise and made it very easy to track where the little whale was headed. It seemed to be comfortable with us as it hung out within close proximity! We observed spouts, its back, dorsal fin, and flukes each time it surfaced. We got to see a “rainblow” in a few of its spouts.The Long-beaked Common dolphins were so full of energy as they breached, porpoised and tail-slapped. We could see many at the bow and also surfing the wake! Some little calves were also sighted! It was an incredible day out at sea! Come join us soon! Naturalist, Vanessa

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