Despite some rain, the conditions on the ocean today were beautiful. We experienced very little swell and almost no wind. For our morning trip we headed north along the coast searching for any grey whale action before turning out to the west to check out the deeper waters offshore. Along our way north we found a pod of about 12 Pacific white-sided dolphins feeding and a few of them decided to come up to the boat and bow ride. Further off shore and to the north off of La Jolla we found a large spread out pod of both short-beaked and long-beaked common dolphins feeding and then traveling to the south. On our afternoon trip we decided to go due west to see what might be going on further off shore and it paid off! At about 12-13 miles out we found a mega pod of over 1,000 common dolphins! Along with these dolphins were 3 humpback whales as well. Being so far out, we had limited time to view the whales which were diving down deep to feed and staying down for long periods, but we did get to spend a few breath cycles with these amazing creatures. Don’t let the rain stop you, the conditions are great on the water right now and we have plenty of room on the boat tomorrow so come on out!

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