Sunday Funday aboard the Ohana! We had two great trips today. During the morning trip, we set out to the northwest and then went south along the drop off. We continued toward the shore and a juvenile Minke whale popped up in front of us! It became curious as it cruised beside us. During the afternoon, we went west and found a big pod of ~150 Long-beaked Common dolphins traveling toward the coast. We loved to watch as they porpoised beside us. We continued to the North and sighted a huge tall spout! We hung out with a Fin whale that mugged us! We were waiting 11-min for it to surface from its deep dive and it came up beside us only 15-ft away! It didn’t move very far and got to hang out with it for several breath cycles!
VanessaIMG 0884 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 1085 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 IMG 1205 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
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