We had three awesome trips today! During the morning trip, we set out and found ourselves along the drop-off and enjoyed watching a huge pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins. They zoomed over to bow-ride and surf the wake. We also found a single Gray whale that was cruising up to the north. After it came up for a series breath cycles, two more appeared close by! The afternoon tour was just as fun! The skies opened up and we enjoyed the sun! On our way out of the Mission Bay jetties, we hung out with a big pod of ~20 Inshore bottlenose dolphins! They were feeding under some diving birds. They popped up all around us. We even caught a glimpse at a cow/calf pair. We were close to 8-miles from shore and two northbound Gray whales surprised us! We enjoyed watching as they came up for multiple breaths and very short dive times. During the sunset trip, we set out to the west and found a feeding frenzy out at 12-miles from shore! Hundreds of diving birds and Common dolphins were seen all around us!
This is the last stretch of Gray whale season, so come on out to catch up with the northbounders!
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