We had a great day with smooth sea conditions! It was the calm before the storm! We enjoyed three trips with some wildlife sighted. We started off sighting ~60 Offshore bottlenose dolphins only 3-miles from shore! They were very playful and curious with the Privateer. We even had a guest appearance from Patches, the leucistic bottlenose dolphin that frequents SoCal. We set out to the drop off and hung out with a trio of Gray whales! For the afternoon tour, we zoomed out to the NW, off La Jolla. Along the way, we were pleasantly surprised by about 10 Pacific white-sided dolphins! A juvenile sea lion was seen leaping all around them. Close to 13-miles from Mission Bay we found the same pod of 3 Gray whales continuing to the NW. The dramatic dark clouds closed in on us this evening, but we got lucky and sighted ~50 Offshore bottlenose dolphins headed north. The accompanied us as they rode the bow and surfed our wake. On our way in, we sighted a big puffy spout, but the whale gave us the slip!
We are offline tomorrow, as the seas are going to be too rough. We will see you again soon!
VanessaIMG 0791 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 1536 2 1 | San Diego Whale Watch 3
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