Minke mania! Our morning trip was SUPER lucky today. We got to catch up with a small pod of long beaks right outside of the jettys. We made it out about 10 miles from Mission Bay and ran into a super friendly pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins. We stuck around with them for a while until something caught our eye. We saw a minke whale splashing just off our nose! We caught up with it and it stayed with us for several breath cycles! Our afternoon trip lucked out seeing 3 different types of dolphins! We saw long beaks a little further from the jettys and a group of breaching short beaks a couple miles out. We caught up with an even larger pod of offshore bottlenose dolphins about 11 miles out of Mission Bay. There were about 3 pods in the area so we bounced around. On our way back in, we ran into a huge mixed pod of both long and short beaked common dolphins. What a day!


Brooke IMG 7932 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 7826 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3

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