Two trips down, one to go! They were both pretty amazing! During the morning trip, we hung out with two huge pods of Short-beaked Common dolphins with plenty of calves all around. We got out to the 9-mile bank and huge pod of ~100 Offshore Bottlenose dolphins that were milling around. A few cow/calf pairs were also sighted. During the morning trip, we set out to the northwest and sighted some splashes in the distance. On approach a swordfish crossed our bow! It zoomed off quickly as we continued toward active dolphins. We didn’t make it because sighted a spout nearby! It was a Bryde’s whale that came up for 3 to 4 breaths, ,with 4-min dive times. It seemed to be following a pod of Short-beaked Common dolphins. They were super fun as they breached around us.
Hope you can join us soon!
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