We were battling the waves today, but crui offshore to find wildlife today. For the morning trip, we cruised past the drop-off and sighted a huge pod of ~250 Short-beaked Common dolphins. They were seen launching out of the water! We a saw another pod of ~250 Long-beaked Common dolphins feeding among thousands of birds. We had a nice lil variety of seabirds: 1 Brown booby, 2 Sabine’s gull’s, black-vented and Pink footed shearwaters, and a Pomarine jaeger! During the afternoon cruise, we set out to the same hotspot zone and a spout was sighted beside us! It turned out to be 3 Bryde’s whales that were circling an area feeding on small schooling fish. About a mile north, we encountered a huge pod of ~500 Long-beaked Common dolphins. They were breaching, porpoising, surfing, bow-riding and even stampeding!
It was a fun day to be on the water! Hope to sea ya on the next one!
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