Three species of toothed whale and 1 baleen whale was sighted on today’s tour! Before we left Mission Bay, we sighted a pair of Inshore Bottlenose dolphins. We set out of the jetties and zoomed out to deeper water. Out to the west, we sighted lots of tuna boils all around. Yellowfin and Bluefin tuna feasting on small schooling fish. Lots of birds all around. We cruised to the north and found a big pod of ~150 Short-beaked Common dolphin. They were launching out of the water non-stop. On our way back in, a Minke whale popped up in front of us. It was slowly traveling to the north. On our way in, a pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins were outside of Mission Beach. We found likely the same pair of Inshore bottlenose dolphins hanging out in Quivira Basin.
Hope you’ll join us for a fun adventure out at sea soon!
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