Blue whale Madness aboard the Privateer! We set out to the west today. Along the way, we encountered a fun pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins! Lots of babies launching out of the water! We continued on and found ourselves 11.5-miles from shore where we sighted spouts on the horizon. We caught up with the largest animal on the planet! We hung out with a Blue whale that surfaced for about 10 breaths and had dive times of 10-mins. It was likely feeding out there, as we watched it circle around in the same zone. Every time it went down for a dive, it lifted up it’s massive tail! On our last cycle with it, it turned toward us and went for a dive right next to us! It was breathtaking and gave us all the chills! We sighted another two tall, columnar spouts in the distance, so likely Blue or Fin whales nearby. On our way back in, another whale popped up beside us for just one breath. The dorsal fin looked like a Fin whale but it was on the smaller side, so we are going to call it a Mystery whale.
We hope you’ll join us for an amazing tour soon!
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