We went two for two on this beautiful Tuesday! Our afternoon trip got to hang out with 5 humpbacks! We stuck with 4 of them for many breath cycles and they loved showing us their flukes! Our sunset trip caught up with 2 humpbacks who were moving a little faster south. We also got to catch up with a small pod of about 200 long beaked common dolphins and we saw another spout off in the distance! We got to stick around for one breath cycle and then started our trek back to the jetties. We had a minke whale that popped up right in front of us, it was close enough that you could have touched it! Super fun day on the Privateer.
Brooke IMG 1493 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 1512 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 IMG 1541 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 5
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