The Humpbacks are still cruising by San Diego! We set out to the west and found a fun pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins traveling south! They raced toward us and surrounded the boat! It was a very tight-knit group, with lots of babies in the mix! We enjoyed watching them breach and porpoise! We got to the drop-off and sighted spouts down to the south (say that 5x fast!) On approach, the surface activity began to turn up! First, one whale lunged at the surface, followed by a big splash. Then a breach, and then another BREACH! It was so exciting to witness the rare behavior! We continued to watch in awe, as we determined there to be 5 Humpbacks in total. They synchronized their breaths, and even synchronized their sounding dives! It was so amazing to listen to their mighty blows, as they exhaled at the surface. One whale even blew bubbles a few times. On our return ride in, we caught up with the same pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins as they cruised south!
We hope you’ll join us soon to catch up with these beauties!
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