Super Cetacean Saturday!
We had 3 phenomenal trips today! Non-stop action all day long! During the morning trip, we encountered a single friendly Humpback whale that popped up next to the boat! We got to see it spout, the back and tail! It just hung out and wasn’t really going anywhere fast! During the afternoon, we set out and encounted a solo Humpback that was traveling south. We continued out and caught up with a Megapod of Long-beaked Common dolphins. They were observed feeding all around us! We sighted a single Fin whale while headed toward two humpbacks. When we caught up with them, they lunged to the surface as they fed on anchovies! On our way back in a Minke surfaced in front of us. During the sunset, we were 12-miles from shore and hung out with 3 more Humpback whales! One whale decided to go under our boat and pop up in front of us! The other two synchronized their breaths! One whale even breached in the distance!
Come out asap, who knows how long we will continue to see this amazing activity!
Vanessa IMG 7251 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 1 IMG 7436 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 3 IMG 7521 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 5 IMG 7909 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 7 IMG 7954 2 | San Diego Whale Watch 9
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