The FIRST Gray whale of season was sighted today! We were cruising down to the south and a 10-ft spout was sighted in front of us. We hung out and waited for another spout, and sure enough, we got lucky and encountered a small likely juvenile Gray whale traveling very slowly to the North!? It was found only a few miles from shore. It appeared to have a lot of white mottling on its body that made it look turquoise/blue underwater. We wished it well and let it continue its journey. We continued to the south and encountered a fun pod of three Humpback whales traveling to the SW. We got see synchronized breaths and big arches of the back with tails lifted to the sky! There were a lot of bait balls sighted everywhere we went down south. This included lots of feeding frenzies too! We caught up with a huge pod of ~500 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were so fun to watch as they zoomed over to our boat. Some breached, others surfed our wake and the bow!
Hope you will join us soon! Chances to see Humpacks and Gray whales are a possibility!
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