We had a fun day on the water! During our morning tour we set out to the NW and got super lucky! We found a juvenile humpack among a huge pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins! We found two more pods out near the drop-off. The young humpy raised its flukes on every dive! During the afternoon trip, we caught up with two different pods of Long-beaked Common dolphins, totaling ~170 individuals. They came right up to us and bow-rode the boat! During our Sunset cruise, we found a small pod of ~4 Inshore Bottlenose dolphins that came up to the bow! We were just inside of the drop-off and found two small pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins! They were observed traveling to the south. This species of toothed whale tend to be a bit more mellow in behavior, but one of them launched out of the water, a real treat!
Hope you’ll join us soon for a great time on the water! You never know what we’ll see!
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