We had whale of day! All three trips were top-notch! During the morning trip, we set out to the west and sighted 3 southbound Gray whales! The trio was so fun to watch as they swam very close to each other! We even got to observe the synchronize their breaths! A pod of Long-beaked Common dolphins crossed the whales path and cruised to the north. We followed as they playfully came up to the boat. The pod was stretched out to the west, for about 3-miles! We even observed them take off into stampede mode! On our afternoon trip, we hung out with a single gray whale that popped up in front of Mission Bay! A pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins hung out nearby. They were amazing! They swam all around the boat, looked right up at us! Surfed in the wake and bow-rode the boat. Common dolphins were also sighted nearby! The sunset trip was dreamy! We observed 2 southbound Gray whales, playful Common dolphins and ~30 Pacific white-sided dolphins! The seas were calm and we had no wind by midday making for some glassy waters! We could see the dolphins 10-feet down below!
Now is the time to be on the water with us!
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