Today we had a fun day on the water! We set out on the morning tour and sighted a huge pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins. They were were seen feeding underneath diving birds. We watched as they chased anchovies at the surface. We continued up the coast and observed a trio of southbound Gray whales! They were slowly traveling off of La Jolla out by the drop-off. During the afternoon tour, we cruised out to the west, and found a very active pod of ~400 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were seen racing to the northwest. Once we finally caught up with them, they surfed in our wake and bow-rode the boat. Many calves were also seen in the mix! We went south and re-located the trio of Gray whales we saw earlier in the day! We got some great looks as they surface for 1-2 breaths and went down for a dive, liftin their tail as they went down. On our sunset tour, a huge fog bank rolled in and we had some difficult visibility, and could only see 50 to 100 yards from the boat! Unfortunately, that made things a bit tricky, but still a fun ride!
Hope you’ll join us soon!
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