WHALE SOUP out there! We’ve got some May gray goin on but the whales sure don’t seem to mind!
We’ve got a mash up of the worlds largest animals just off of our coastline sharing space like pros! We first saw two fin whales traveling in close proximity, one large and one smaller so they could have been a cow/ calf pair but – they were traveling maybe 1/4 mile apart with alternating dive times so, no way to know for sure. After getting a VERY close pass from the larger fin whale while we had our engines off – we thought it might be worth while to head further west in search of the eliusive and endangered blue whale!
We were rewarded with not one but TWO blue whales! The world’s largest animals just… coexisting peacefully, sharing food and ocean real estate.
Summer really is the most magical time of year out here! The sightings just don’t get better than this!

Can’t wait to get back out here tomorrow!

Naturalist, Alison