It was blue whale soup out there!! We had an amazing trip today, seeing at least 8 blue whales and multiple tails! We also saw 200 long beaked common dolphins, as well as 100+ short beaked common dolphins. Beautiful weather, calm seas, and wildlife all around made for an incredible and exciting day! We have one more trip today so stay tuned for another update.

FULL OF LIFE! Our oceans are teaming with life like I haven’t seen in MONTHS! We could see spouts illuminating the cloud dusted horizon from the moment we left the jetties, just a matter of choosing what direction to head. WE caught up with three separate blue whales and even caught a few glimpses at flukes. For the first time in a while, we got a brilliant golden sunset with ethereal columns of light filtering through. A good sized pod of long beaked common dolphins showed up to play for a while JUST before we entered the jetties

Naturalists – Cody and Vanessa & Alison