We found a little Gray whale in Mission Bay AND Five Blue whales close to the coast!

We left the Quivira Basin and observed the Gray circling the area off of Mariner’s Point, if you go now, you could probably still spot it! You’ll find other observers on the rocks! We continued out to the ocean and could see spouts only a few miles out! At first there were 2 Blue whales surfacing consistently on both sides of our boat! We got great looks at the tail flukes too! Before we knew it there were 5 Blue whales, including a cow/calf pair! We were so excited and overwhelmed with joy to see the calf popping up next to mom! We even got to see both of them go down for a dive with mom lifting up her huge flukes! It was amazing to see them surface pretty much anywhere you look! A pod of ~50 Long-beaked Common dolphins even swung by and we got to observe a mini feeding frenzy! It was non-stop action! We have a sunset trip, so come on out and find the largest animal on the planet!

Who needs a thousand leagues under the sea when you’ve got BLUE WHALES in just 200 feet of water? Our Sunset trip started off before we even left the jetties! We could see those illuminated columns of light ( spouts miles off the coast) as we rounded the corner from the bay. Those majestic columns like a beacon beckoning us closer – we aimed straight for them! Just 3 miles off of our coast, in 200 feet of water -we were SURROUNDED by blue whales! We got to hang out with 3 of them for a LONG time! You’ll see in the pictures, a blue whale fluke with Belmont Park and The Giant Dipper in the background. Another with Sunset Cliffs in the back, and another with the Point of La Jolla. This is UNHEARD of. A special treat for everyone aboard tonight!

Vanessa & Alison