Friday, June 14, 2024

Blue skies and Blue whales! It was so much fun out there! On our morning tour we set out to the west and found a pod of ~75 Long-beaked Common dolphins traveling fast to the north! We got great looks as they cruised right beside us! We left them and found a bigger pod of ~300 Short-beaked Common dolphins breaching and porpoising at the drop-off. There were so many teeny-tiny babies in the pod! We continued out to deeper water and found a two Blue whales circling the area! We got awesome looks at the tail from both whales, including two different views – from above and below! There was a third smaller Blue hanging out a few miles inside of them. We sighted more dolphins on the way in.

Guests on our PM tour had some luck as well! Out of Mission Bay we encountered a a friendly pod of ~ 50 Long-beaked Common dolphins, feeding and jumping about! In the mix of the pod was a sunbathing Mola Mola- or sunfish- enjoying this blue sky day as well! We cruised out to deeper water where we encountered a small Minke Whale! It took us crew by surprise. It made a quick appearance before we continued west. On the horizon we spotted not one, but two Blue whales- with a close drive by by the larger one of the two! Two species of common dolphins and two species of baleen whales… what a day for our PM tour!

Sunset was full of so much sea life! We had a good pod of long beaked common dolphins s at the beginning, followed by a young blue whale but we continued out west to find some different wild life. We got about 10 miles off shore and located a LARGE blue whale! While we were waiting for it to surface, we sighted some offshore bottlenose dolphins jumping high into the air! The sunset was STUNNING! With toasty rays of light steering through the gaps in the clouds!


Vanessa, Brooke & Alison