We were rockin’ and rolling out there! On our morning trip we headed straight west through a bumpy outgoing tide where we saw a MASSIVE splash on the horizon. The splashes continued as we made our way over and found a BLUE WHALE chin slapping, tail lobbing and breeching! Such a rare and incredible sight! This blue was rolling around and peck slapping on the surface. Another blue whale joined the party and we hung out for a couple breath cycles before heading east towards mission bay again where we caught up with a speedy condensed pod of about 150 long beaked common dolphins chasing fish through the waves. We also sighted a single Blue whale on the way back in! A superb start to our Father’s Day on the water.

The seas settled a down a little for the afternoon trip! We set out toward the west and caught up with a couple of Blue whales that were circling and likely feeding on the drop-off. Very excited to see them closer to the coast, so we could hang out with them longer. They were down for 10-min dives and up for several breaths. We had the best views! We continued in and spotted a big pod of ~200 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were racing to the north. We were completely surrounded!

Our third trip of the day was absolutely Bluetiful!! We had a Whaley great time on the water. We encountered two blue whales around 6 miles offshore!
They came up right up next to the boat and showed their backs and were making interesting c-shaped turns. Always a lovely time on the water, see you next time.

Ruth, Vanessa & Melissa