Blue Whale Mania!!

We have an increase in Blue whale sightings! Seems like we’ve got a peak in Blue whales migrating in! On our morning tour, we set out to the SW and a huge pod of ~700 Short-beaked Common dolphins crossed our path! There were 4 subgroups that were seen all around our boat! Tiny babies porpoised next to mom! We observed them surfing in our wake and at the bow! We got out to 12-miles from Mission Bay and spotted about 3 spouts on the horizon! We caught up with our first Blue whale that had consistent dive times of about 10-min! We spotted more spouts all around us and we estimate there were 8-10 Blue whales in the area! We could see their head, back, and tiny dorsal, and the big arch of the back!

On our afternoon trip, we wanted to catch up with all the activity to the west. We set out to the SW and hung out with about 3-5 Blue whales! They were circling the area, which means they are feeding. We got lucky with views of a Blue whale tail! We never know when it will happen, but we waved good-bye to the Blue whale zone! On our way home, we spotted a small pod of ~30 Long-beaked Common dolphins! They were feeding under diving birds!

We have one more trip to go! We will update you shortly!

Our sunset trip was absolutely BLUEtiful and breathtaking! We started our trip off with a bang! Straight out of the jetties we saw 5 inshore bottlenose dolphins, tons of seabirds; they mostly elegant terns and California brown pelicans. We also saw a massive pod of ~150 long-beaked common dolphins! Then, as we were just off of the edge of the drop-off in about ~330 feet of water, we encountered our first blue whale of the trip! We ended up hanging out with another pair of blue whales. For a total of 3 blues whale on this trip! They were going down for 8 minute dives. We FINished our trip with seeing a SpaceX rocket launching into the sky!!! Never a dull moment on the water with us! Please join us soon!

Vanessa & Melissa

20240628 217A0269 | San Diego Whale Watch 11
June 28, 2024 20
20240628 217A0627 | San Diego Whale Watch 13
June 28, 2024 21